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Going Into The Bye Week


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This 2010 Ravens team is...


1. Sloppy. I hate sloppy football. Todays performance...the Bengals game...Piss poor tackling...fumbles...INT's...the return men wander around lost and hesitant..they let opponents stay in the game...choke when they can deliver the killing blow...at least the penalty situation is better.



2. Naked. It's over. After today, if the word wasn't out, it is now. Not only can you run on the Ravens (16th), but please have fun throwing it too. 374 yards for Fitzpatrick. Webb is clearly a step slower. He can't cover like last year. Wilson is a tad slow too. Landry forgot how to tackle. Washington can be beat too and the Ravens can't apply pressure.

This defense is naked.


"I don't want him!"

"Me neither!"



3. No Identity. They don't do anything very well. Just enough to fortunately be 5-2...and believe me I'm real happy with that, but very concerned about many things.


Concerned because I don't see them as a Super Bowl contender.


Optimistic because you can see they need this break to rest, recoup and regroup. The bye is just in time.

The talent is there to come out better but they have to get it together and determine how they intend to go about winning games.

Then stick with it and do it well.

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Don't underestimate the difficulty of playing two teams in a row coming off of a bye week. This is the NFL, coaches, scouts, and assistants get paid fulltime salaries to pick up tendencies and weaknesses of the opposing team. Not to mention these are all very smart professionals at their craft. Give these guys two weeks to work and they are going to come up with a solid gameplan. Thankfully we get a bye now, and I would expect us to be a very difficult team against Miami in two weeks. We really needed this bye.

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Just got back home from the London game and I have to say that I was mildly impressed with Troy Smith. Because of his connection to the Ravens I cheered him on.


However, I still saw things from him that will lose him his starting job in the future. The throw before his TD run was just plain dumb and was the sort of throw I was getting used to seeing from him. If it wasn't for his WR bailing him out with an amazing catch that would have had turnover written all over it.


That said, I could actually see Troy saving Singletary's job for him. If they can some how get through to a 9-7 finish on the year. Still, I would expect to see the 49ers draft another QB high in 2011.


On a side note, teams that have won in London have won a Superbowl in either the same season or the season after their Wembley victory. It will be interesting to see if we can stop the Patriots from repeating the trend.

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