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Ravens got healthy


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off the field for the last week or so...




Can they get healthy on the field?


I'm not taking the Dolphins lightly but it's time to get this machine in gear and running smooth. Here comes the big 9 game stretch run to the playoffs. In this tight race, every game is very important.


A full, solid game by offense, defense and special teams is what I'm looking for. Let's see this offense hit it's potential.


The AFC North crown is there for the taking. AFC Championship too IMO. Nobody has clearly shown they are 'Elite' or going to be too hard to beat.


The team that comes together, believes the championships are theirs for the taking and plays like champions, will take it. It's more mental now as I see it. Focus and execution.


The 2010 Ravens need to come together and believe in themselves like the 2000 unit did. Every role and assignment executed every snap with every player determined not to be the weak link.

Then they can achieve great things.


"I hear you max!!!!!"


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The door is indeed open. Of course, its open for others, too - Pats, Stealers, Colts, Jets.


The real question is - will we take advantage of this opportunity ?


Will we see the team that looked strong against the Broncos, Jets, Stealers or "played down" to the Bengals, Bills and Browns.


I am excited to see which team shows up.

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That's it varav!


The overall talent is the same amoung those teams, so the difference will be who comes together and plays the best, disciplined team football....with an attitude.

60 minute football. Hard hitting smashmouth ball.


The phrase 'imposing your will' or 'wearing down an opponent' will apply to the overall winner in the evenly matched games.


The age old phrase 'hit the playoffs hot and on a roll' will apply too.

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I'm hoping the Ravens are very judicious in using stallworth this week, but still try to stretch the field a bit and show some length in passing. I think they'll need that dimension against the dolphins, the fins certainly fronted well against pittsburgh.

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