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Marshall Calls Game "Defining Moment"


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They're going in with a do or die mentality. I think that's going to be the difference.


It snowed Friday in Green Bay. Thursday Night Football starts next week and bye weeks end in nine days. In case you missed it, we're deep into 2010 season.


It's the time of year where games start to matter a little more. It's no longer too early to look at playoff races. I'm as excited for this Sunday as any all year because of three big games in the AFC that will help shape the next few months: Ravens-Dolphins, Chiefs-Raiders, and Texans-Chargers.


Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall knows how much this one matters for Miami, who is arguably the best four win team in football.


"It's not going to be a pretty game," Marshall said. "Both football teams are tough, physical and I think this is going to be a defining moment on what type of team we're going to be for the rest of this season."


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Guest BallTMore

interesting comment, and he's right. They'll be ready.


My blood pressure just spiked. This is going to be one of those games.


I'd like to relax just once this season. Oh well.

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Bulletin board stuff and "do-or-die" mentalities are overrated IMO. We are coming off of a bye, have had two weeks to scout the Phins, and are playing at home. Like the Pats and Bills we played the past two games, we will have solid gameplan ready for the Dolphins. We are in a league of professionals where you have people making fulltime salaries to scout and pickup tendencies and weeknesses of the other team. These guys are smart professionals, you give them two weeks and they'll pick up a lot more stuff then one could pick up in only a week. It doesn't matter if you are the Bills or the Pats, in the NFL these things make a difference. We'll be ready.

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Here's another reason why this is a huge game for them.

Could you elaborate John?


Clayton_John_35.jpg "Certainly! A loss by the Dolphins, though, could point them toward a third-place finish in the AFC East. The Patriots and Jets have winnable games against the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions, respectively. Coming out of Week 9 at 4-4 would likely put the Dolphins three games out of first place and two games out of second."


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