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It's time to blow up the Bengals


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That's what Walker says...


Lewis looks tired, stressed from all the losing and battles through the years with ownership. He has a career record of 58-60-1, no playoff wins and doesn't wield much power behind the scenes.


Palmer, 30, hasn't had the career many expected. Outside of a few good statistical seasons, Palmer's career has been marred by injuries and inconsistency. He looks far removed from his Pro Bowl form.


Johnson -- now named Ochocinco -- is a 32-year-old receiver having his second bad season in three years. Ochocinco has more television shows (three) than touchdowns (two) and can't get on the same page with his quarterback.


It's officially time to blow up the Bengals. The Lewis/Palmer/Ochocinco era in Cincinnati has run its course, and the team needs to hit the reset button.




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One less team for us to climb over on our way to the top.


I never liked them, and never will. This couldnt happen to a more deserving franchise....ehh, well maybe a couple. But the point is, i cannot wait for us to put the proverbial nail in the coffin when they come to town this season. :biggrin:

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