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There have been a number of stunning moves in the NFL this offseason. But one of the most ridiculous, absurd and dubious is the Baltimore Ravens' signing of a broken-down, busted-up player whose knees are in the Smithsonian, who was out of football last year and who was cut by the Cleveland Browns.

The Ravens announced Wednesday they recently worked out Robert Griffin III and will sign him to a one-year deal next week. Thus, the quarterback circus continues.

Griffin is yet another example of how the league, and teams, continue to embarrass themselves by not signing a certain player to prove a point. You know who that player is. You may have even seen him on a magazine cover.

More: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2768386-rgiii-to-ravens-completes-the-nfls-dumbest-offseason-of-qb-signings?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial

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I don't get the signing either, but maybe Kaep didn't want to be a back up qb or wanted more money than $1 mil that RG got for one season.


With that said, it does look suspicious when they are being put on the stand as to why the league has not signed Kaep, especially after their "pray for us" statement....

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Or maybe it’s the obvious, the guy is being blackballed because of he kneeled during the anthem to bring attention to police brutality and inequality. But his cause was hijacked by people that want to say it’s disrespectful to veterans. I have five veterans in my family and none of them was disrespected by his actions .as a matter of fact they support him. It’s all about making sure black people know there place in this country

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