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Chainsaw Dan's Negative Energy Field


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One of the amusements of the nation's capital area, where TMQ lives, is Chainsaw Dan Snyder's 12-year effort to demolish the Washington Redskins. Every year you think it's finally happened -- Snyder has made every possible boneheaded blunder, and the Redskins at last can recover from his misrule. Every year you're wrong -- Snyder thinks up another entirely new way to sabotage the team. This has amusement value. No matter how many obvious blunders Chainsaw Dan makes, he's still able to dream up new ones. The man has a gift.


Chainsaw Dan projects a negative energy field, and maybe it impedes their judgment. Snyder has employed seven head coaches in his 12 years of owning the Redskins. In the previous 12 years of the franchise, the team had two head coaches, and a lot more success on the field. Snyder has a gift, all right -- a gift for making everyone around him perform poorly.


Mike Shanahan seemed to know what he was doing as the head coach of the Denver Broncos. Since arriving in Washington and entering Chainsaw Dan's negative energy field, Shanahan's performance has plummeted. Not only has the new head coach mishandled McNabb; Shanahan arrived to find a very solid 4-3, conservative-scheme Washington defense that finished 10th in 2009 and fourth the year before that. Shanahan promptly threw out everything that was working and installed a blitz-wacky 3-4. The Redskins are now last in the NFL in defense. The defense looked like water last night, allowing Philadelphia 45 points in the first half.




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