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According to Casey Willet the post game presser


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Good to see the fans aren't the only ones that go into melt down mode.


Anyway, enough of Masons whining. I'd be fine with Boldin, Housh and Stallworth, or Q and Stallworth if Housh wants to join in on the whine fest.

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Mason disappointed in Ravens offensive performance


Derrick Mason was clearly struggling to find the right words in the locker room Sunday night. He hesitated several times, then decided enough was enough. He was going to be as frank as the situation warranted.


"It's sad to say, but we're just not a good offense at times," Mason said. "We really aren't. For whatever reason it is, I don't know. But we're not a good offense at times. I'm not pointing any fingers at anybody because I'm part of the equation, but we're just not a good offense at times."


Mason was the last player in the locker room Sunday night. He took his time getting dressed, and took his time figuring out what he wanted to say for the few reporters who stayed behind to pepper him with questions. But nearly an hour after the Ravens 13-10 loss to the Steelers, he was clearly still struggling with just how exactly to summarize his feelings.


"I might get crucified for this one, but with all these people we've got on offense?" Mason said. "We're not a good offense at times. Just call it how you see it. Call a spade a spade. If we were a good offense, we'd move the ball up and down the field. Especially with the people we have and the quarterback and the personnel we have. But we're just not a good offense at times. ,.. We look like the Bad News Bears at times. And I'm a part of it."


Mason said said several times he wasn't pointing fingers. And that he shared in whatever blame there was to go around. But it was time to stop making excuses, both for the players and the coaches.


"We've just got to come to a point where it's stop all the [stuff] and play football," Mason said. "Put some points on the board and not allow teams to come back in the second half, not put the pressure on our defense to have to stop somebody in the last second of the game. Just [put] some points on the board and move forward."


Mason said it was obvious the offense has putting the defense in an unfair position lately with its second half struggles, and there was no point in denying it anymore.


"I'm tired of playing tough games," Mason said. "Let's just go blow somebody out. We're capable of doing it and we just don't do it. I don't know what it is. Nobody says we shouldn't be able to put up 30 points against a good team. We're not a good offense at times. I know it gets frustrating for (the defense). It has to. I can see their faces coming off the sideline. They have to get frustrated. We can't put out defense in that situation."


Mason said losing a game like this has even made him question his decision to return to play this season.


"You wonder why you come back and play after stuff like this," Mason said."Pittsburgh is a good team, but there is honestly no way we should have lost this game. This makes me wonder personally why I even came back. It hurts worse than any other game."


This is what I could find.

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