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It was never an era, though. They were moments of sanity and success, patched together over the course of five seasons — from 2012 to 2016 — but it was never sustained. Not even Showaltercould build something sustainable while battling the petty and incompetent ownership of Peter Angelos.


This is what I have thought but worded much better than I have ever said it.

Reports are that Peter Angelos, at the age of 89, has been battling health problems and has left much of the business of running the team to his two sons, John and Lou Angelos. The powers-that-be in baseball don’t see that duo as the future of this franchise moving forward. So I suspect that sometime in the near future — perhaps this winter — the Orioles will be put up for sale.

A house is about to fall on the business with the anticipated decision in the long drawn-out dispute between the Orioles and the Washington Nationals, which could stand to get more than $100 million from the Orioles in the fight for the split of revenues from MASN, the regional cable network.

The Baltimore Sun reported in July that the Orioles have offered several settlements, but the Lerner family, the Nationals owners, aren’t in the settlement business when they are the party owed money. The dispute once again, after a number of court actions, will be presented to an arbitration panel in November.

Baseball doesn’t like business partners that take them to court — it just isn’t done — and they have clearly punished the franchise for refusing to initially go along with the panel decision awarding new fees to the Nationals, as part of the agreement creating MASN when the Montreal Expos moved to Washington in 2005.

The Orioles have failed to get consideration in their bid to host another All-Star Game (they last hosted in 1993), their schedules have been burdensome and MLB bosses would like nothing better to have the franchise in other hands.

A fight like that against a formidable lawyer like Peter Angelos would scare baseball away. The Angelos boys, they’re not too worried about.


This is my greatest hope.

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