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People the Ravens could look at


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I think he is worth a late 1st rounder. He looked really good against Clayborn who is a 1st round prospect at DE (and someone who I wouldn't mind the Ravens drafting as well). He started the season slow but by the end of the season he was looking better and better. I just love his run blocking skills and I think the RT spot would suit him as he wouldn't face as many speed rushers off the edge as LTs plus I think we are committed to Oher at LT.


Really we have so many needs this offseason it isn't really funny.


We need at least 2 O-Linemen with a C and then either a Guard to keep Yanda at RT or a RT to move Yanda back to guard.


We will also need to draft another WR at some point as I don't see Mason or Housh returning.


We need to get a proper FB in and move McLain to RB full time or get a compliment to Ray and keep McLain at FB full time. I don't see us bringing McGahee back when/if the cap returns.


We need 2 pass rushers. Someone inside to play the Pryce role and someone on the outside to compliment Suggs. Kindle could fill that role but we need to be proactive in getting someone in just in case he doesn't make it. Besides that, you can never have too many pass rushers.


We need to get an ILB that can take on blocks and make tackles around the line of scrimmage. Someone with football smarts that doesn't shoot the wrong holes like McLain does.


Unlike most people I don't see us drafting a CB early unless we have a clear out. I think that Carr, Webb and Wilson will be back and add Foxworth coming off his injury to the mix and that will be the core of the CB rotation. We will likely pick someone up from free agency for depth.


I see us drafting a safety at some point and more likely a SS. The more and more I watch Landry the less I am inclined to see him resign.

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Speaking of RT, after reading an Eastham Energy All-Star Game review, David Mims from Virginia Union as the 6th round pick.


Well, this morning I saw this on twitter...


RavensInsider: RT @agentlinton: Small school OT David Mims has a private workout this morning with an AFC team position coach. Wishing him all the best.


Anyone know what Andy Moeller and Todd Washington were doing this morning? :gorave:

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