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3G vs 4G


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Hearing conflicting stories on 1 vs the other..


I have 3G and Best Buys tells us they we cant play PS3 on line with 3G only 4G (my Son has had no problem playing with 3G)


This morning I hear on WBAL, that there is no difference between 3G & 4G..


Is there any difference? and what is "3G"?

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Guest BallTMore

What Raven Mad said.


4G has much faster download speeds, however, it's not available in most areas right now, so you'll most likely use 3G a majority of the time anyway.


Once the phone companies get their towers updated it will be well worth it to have a 4G phone.

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I read an article last month that said that in theory 4G can be 100's of times faster than 4G and that depending on what you are trying to do, 4G speeds of that nature are necessary.


However, the article's primary point was that the 4G that actually exists now (not in theory), while faster than 3G is still no where near the '100s of times faster' that they advertise. That's theoretical capability. Not reality.

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Boiling this down: the "4G" referred to now isn't actually 4G at all. It's essentially false advertising.


3G and 4G are just names for generations of speeds and their capabilities. 3G (or 3.5G, 3.75G) is probably slow, but 4G isn't exponentially better for your needs. Whatever is more worth it to you is the best answer, considering how much speeds should increase in the short-term.

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