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People are hurting: Bad

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A lot of people are suffering and my heart goes out to them. I'm giving to the Maryland Food Bank. If anybody knows of some good then charities please let me know.


The poverty rate jumped to 11.7% in November, up from 9.3% in June. That's nearly double the largest annual increase in poverty since the 1960s.

Just under 27.4 million adults, or 12.7%, were in households where there was sometimes or often not enough to eat in the last seven days, the Census survey found.

More than 85.4 million adults, or 35.6%, live in a household where it's been somewhat or very difficult to pay for usual household expenses during the pandemic, according to the most recent Census Household Pulse Survey, which covers November 25 to December 7.

Nearly 13 million adults, or 9.1%, are not current on their rent or mortgage, or have slight or no confidence that they can pay next month's housing bill on time, according to the Census data

Nearly 76.7 million adults, or 31%, expect someone in their household to have a loss in employment income in the next four weeks, the Census survey found..........US poverty, hunger and unemployment rise as Congress stalls on aid - CNNPolitics

If you have children and fall in some of these categories, ....then throw in the holidays....I've been there before. Raised 3 children on my own and the early days were tough. It hurts. I am grateful for what help I received and we climbed out of that situation. It felt like a miracle. Hang tough. Keep Swimming. Keep making every effort that you can. Don't lose faith. There's always hope....and love.

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