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Looks like Predue and Warnok Are Losers


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Politically. They almost won as spineless sycophants. 

As far as human character, living a life built on principles such as honesty, they are Losers.

Good Morning! Democracy works!

So long Autocrats, Sycophants and Seditionists.

Perhaps...and I'm being very hopeful here....the American consciousness is on the rise. American citizens are beginning to see through the muddy fog of lies, deceit and false information coming from the President and his Sycophants in Congress.

Perhaps we are witnessing the final scene in "The Emperors New Clothes"... "Look at the King! The King...the King is in the altogether as naked as the day that he was born."

I had lost my faith in the American human intelligence quota, honesty and character. By a small majority, but this is how hope begins....by a spark...Freedom, Liberty and Democracy remains alive.

What a huge change in 24 hours when Democracy has been fighting it's greatest challenge to continue to exist. It looks like the winds are changing.

Never in my life have I witnessed a time so astoundingly dark. We are still in that. This morning, the sun rose.


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I spoke too early when I said, "So long Autocrats, Sycophants and Seditionists." I forgot that they remain in Congress and are intent in making today a dark day in American history.

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