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Iron Sharpens Iron

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  "What do you say Mike?"

Image result for mike preston sun photos I'm so glad that you asked and humbled to be here....


Quality opponents

One of the major advantages for the Ravens this season is that six of the nine teams that play in Baltimore in 2021 made the playoffs last season including Kansas City, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

This should get them ready for a long postseason run because they will be playing a string of quality opponents, which hasn’t always happened in the past two years. There is not a lot of concern for Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, especially since Steeler quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will have arm problems again if they still ask him to thrown 40 times a game.

But if iron indeed sharpen iron, then this schedule works well for Baltimore..................

I'm a strong believer and fan of that. If the Ravens survive a schedule like that and make the playoffs...(and they will..:gorave: ) then they will be ready for the long awaited playoff run.

Tickets are paid for and I can't wait to step into the Bank and my purple seat. It feels like a million years....So excited




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