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Guys who could take Willis' roll


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Mario Fannin looks interesting, but generally speaking, I am not a huge fan of drafting running backs, particulary in the early parts of the draft. Seems the difference in value between a draft pick and an undrafted free agent RB is much less than for say an OT.


And as seen by last years numbers, the o-line makes a huge difference for the rb, much more so than the rb.


Just out of curiosity, how do they stack up to Curtis Steele?

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I never said anything about drafting a guy early. I was thinking round 4 and back. RB's are a dime a dozen. Only really special ones should be grabbed early.


I didn't mean to imply you were advocating drafting a rb early, it was more meant as a general statement of how I feel about the value of a rb compared to for example o-line.


Whether these guys are early draft picks or not, I have no idea. I just wouldn't, in a general sense, use early draft picks on a rb when building a team.

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Before the combine Helu was seen as a 4th to 5th round pick. Now he is being mentioned as a late 2nd to early 4th. If he is there in the 4th he would be a great pick and the perfect compliment to Rice.


I wouldn't touch Fannin until the 7th but someone will overdraft his speed.

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