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Suggs is making movies....



...when he isn't on the basketball court...

Suggs talks about his game. He can play center, power forward or small forward. The NBA might be calling soon, if you didn't know better.


"Any position from No. 3 on up," said Suggs, the Ravens' four-time Pro Bowl outside linebacker. "I have no handles, I'm no point guard. But I can give you 14 to 16 points a game. I'm LeTron. Everybody knows that LeBron James is my favorite basketball player and I love the way he goes to the rack. So, I have a game like that."



Ray Lewis is starting 587 business's....

Lewis said. "I've never had a summer off in 25 years. ... Our whole purpose is to create these businesses to help anybody. I got a job for you."



Reed, Flacco and Rice are beating fans out of their money...

But some fans, who paid at least $50, didn’t get signatures from Ed Reed, Joe Flacco and Ray Rice because those Ravens star players didn’t stay for the entire three-hour event.



Offensive line coach Andy Moeller is well on his way to being the mentally healthiest person in the Ravens organization...

Moller saw a psychiatrist and psychologist once a week from mid-September to the end of January and continues to see them at least twice a month. He has attended 52 self-help meetings and hasn’t failed 23 random alcohol tests. Moeller also received letters of support from a doctor at the alcohol treatment facility and from Ravens coach John Harbaugh, who pointed out Moeller’s high character.



Zibby is going around the country knocking out boxers.


Derrick Mason is making Norris and Davis World famous by providing controversial quotes for an NFL news starved media on their show every week.


Please...please don't tell me Mt Cody is up to 400 lbs.


David Reed has resolved a marijuana charge against him without paying a fine or receiving jail time.


...and for any Ravens fans who are totally stressed out, for $2.50 you can sit in the weight room at the Castle and listen to...total silence, peace and quiet for hours on end.

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Cody is really 400lbs! Cmon, really! Why did we waste a draft pick on a guy that's going to eat himself out of the NFL.



Not that I know of yeager...I'm just worried that could happen without supervision.


Nakamura was on the radio last night and he's a talker! He gave a lot of insight to the Ravens. He's not worried about his team mates being in shape and ready to play.....they aren't losers....teams too motivated to win it all. He also wants to wipe that smile off Wards face.

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