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A little Ravens small talk


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Small talk...nothing big here other than missing football...


I've been trying not to log on to the NFL.com site as my mild protest to the nonsense of the lock out but....

I finally broke down, and for $20, signed up for the Game Rewind. It covers every game of the 2010 season and playoffs.

I watched the opening drive of the KC playoff game and realized how much I miss...'Our Ravens'. It's been so long since I watched a game and wow,

this was this great. The adrenyline started flowing...and...I realized I'm totally hooked!

Once they are back practicing and getting ready for the season I know, for me, the bad feelings I have about the current situation will vanish.

Probably you too.


Ravens fans have a really damn good team to watch and support and I want to slap the crybabies who call into the talk shows who are not happy.


I saw Bouldin make 2 big catches to move the chains...Heap was huge on that drive....which reminded me of a phone call today.


A guy I work with was at Todd Heaps house today because we are going to do some work there. I won't say where it is or anything...to protect his privacy, but the house is huge....and it's

not their primary residence.

He called me because he knows I'm a Ravens fan and would enjoy this. Heap flew in from Arizona where the family lives while my friend was measuring around the house. Next thing he knows, Joe Flacco walks in.

He got his picture taken with them because he knew his wife wouldn't believe him.... :D


So these players are close and staying in touch and I believe will be ready to play once the mountainous pile of money gets divided.


I know lots of fans in the construction trade get to work in the houses of Ravens players so I'm sure they have better stories to tell.

I'm making sure I'll be there for the work....perhaps I'll have a story about cleaning out his pool... cs_197.jpg



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Good write-up, Max. I miss the Ravens and football too. I also miss all the action that usually is happening here on the board. I have some hope they might get this resolved in the next 3 weeks before the court rules. If they don't, I guess we're going to miss some games at least.

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