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Roman's Offense Will Evolve

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I think Roman's offense is on the cusp of developing a potent passing attack that will merge with his fabulous running game. Hewitt, Ingram and Tee Martin are developing and brainstorming it now with GRO. We are seeing the plays and player development. Adapting and integrating it is not easy. There are so many parts and pieces. 

He's trying to make it happen even though he's handicapped by his current roster of available players. Remember: Lamar was limited in training camp and preseason so he missed valuable time as the main cog that makes the Wheel turn. Gus, Stanley, JK, Boyle's absence are killers for this season. So are Powers and Villenueva at LT and RT. Clevland has been injured all season. It's a mistake to blame Roman for the deficiencies of this 2021 offense. 

Creating and developing something like this does not happen overnight. 

All that's needed is a real NFL O line and for Lamar to get better. Both can be accomplished by the start of next season.

It would be a big mistake to let go of him now. It would be like firing Edison right before he invents the light bulb.

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The last thing we want to see is Roman in a Steelers/Browns/Bengals uniform. And nobody complained when the Ravens were down 22-3 about his play calling on that 17-0 run. He's integrating a killer passing game much slower than he wanted too given a struggling run game, QB and O line.

Designing the plays and coaching the players on proper execution is part of it. Setting up the plays and the proper time to call them is another that he's learning. He'll know the right buttons to push. It takes time and I see glimpses of a harvest.

He has influenced and changed NFL offenses. One more off season and his players back healthy is all he needs to shock the NFL World.

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