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Anthony Allen might have to be 'The Man'


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With media rumors circling about whether Willis McGahee will be released, and with fullback Le’Ron McClain perhaps set to test the free-agent market, seventh-round rookie running back Anthony Allen could step into that bruising role for Baltimore.


At 6-foot-1, 230 pounds, he certainly qualifies.


“I think the division fits him well,” Georgia Tech B-Backs Coach Brian Bohannon said. “That’s what he does well. He’s a tough guy.


“He was very hard to tackle. Very seldom would one guy bring him down.”



I hope Willis takes a pay cut and stays. Last year showed me that he's changed, become a team player and 'a Raven'. He's still got some gas in the tank and he's a savy vet.


I think McClain will be too pricey for the Ravens.

If they lose both, then then the Ravens are asking a 7th round pick to take a chunk of that load.

The math doesn't work. An unknown for two productive runners?

Allen has some big shoes to fill.

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well....let's say he's not too smart....


The NFL is reportedly investigating whether the Exxxotica Expo 2011 pornography event illegally used photos of NFL players and draftees to promote a May event at a Miami strip club called Club Play, and Ravens draft pick running back Anthony Allen was one of the nine names listed on this racy promotional flyer.

"I wanted to clarify an event that took place on May 20th at Club Play in Florida. I lent my name in conjunction to a party which I believed to be hosted by other NFL players. I had no knowledge and never would have given any authority in any way for my name to be associated with Exxxotica 2011. I am deeply disappointed that my name was manipulated by the promoters of this event. I am truly sorry that this has occurred."


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