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O's on pace to be 12 under .500


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That looks like the cold hard reality to me. They are headed for an apx 12 under .500 season at almost the halfway point.


They are not on the upswing but in that same old "always something bad/frustrating happening"....the "can't quite get it together as a team".


Now I'm going to watch them tonight and root for a win...hoping they hit the mid season point 3 under.

That would be progress for me....progress is getting close to .500 for the season...12 under would be a huge disappointment.

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What are they??? 8 under now?


I feel realy bad for them. No matter what they do, it doesn't work out.


They're snake bit.

Take Hardy for instance. He's doing good now so the O's will give him a good contract and then....he'll revert to the player he used to be.

That's their luck.

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