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Os 5th Inning vs Cards

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Our season thus far was epitomized by last nights 5th inning perfomance below:


Baltimore - Bottom of 5th SCORE


F Pie singled to right. 5 1

B Davis singled to right, F Pie to second. 5 1

J Hardy reached on infield single to third, F Pie to third, B Davis to second. 5 1

N Markakis grounded into fielder's choice to pitcher, F Pie out at home, B Davis to third, J Hardy to second. 5 1

A Jones flied out to left. 5 1

V Guerrero flied out to right. 5 1

0 Runs, 3 Hits, 0 Errors


When you cant score 1 single run with the bases loaded, 0 outs, and arguably your best 3 - Markakis Jones & Vlad- coming up, youve summed up our season thus far. Its analagous to the Ravens having 1st and goal against a mediocre defense and coming away with 0 points. Its unacceptable but has become the nrom for the past 15 years. Sad. :wacko:


Ive seen enough to conclude, like Max and others, this team is on course for another 65-70 win season. Again.


The NFL season cannot get here soon enough :gorave:

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I was at the game. I was replaying this inning in my mind all day today before I read your post. It was pathetic. If it wasnt for the 10 dollar seats I would never pay to see these bums


Yep. Time to turn the page on the Os, switch to the NFL and getting the CBA wrapped up. :gorave:

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