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Now that the dust has settled


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And football is back in town, this will be my first NFL season for as long as I can remember that I wont be able to attend a training camp.


I remember as a youngin my Dad taking us down the Ocean the week school let out for the summer, then taking that, whet seemed like an 8 hr drive to Westminster to see our beloved Colts(remember in the 60's & 70's there was no 795) to see my boyhood hero #19...


Then thru the early 70's seeing my fav Colt, Roger Carr, man that guy had some ears and could run like a deer.


What was cool, was when we finally got the Ravens in 1996, I was able to take my sons out to Westminster, I think it was 1997 Camp that Ray Lewis had to be medi-vaced out due to a neck stinger, rumors were flying all over camp that he had broken his neck...2002's training camp, getting to try on Gooses replica Super Bowl Ring, it fit over 3 fingers of my youngest sons hand..


Meeting up with Dee, Max, PS Raven, Maniac out at Camp was special...


Yeah, Im glad we have football back, but I will surely miss that drive out to Westminster.



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