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Sitting Quietly while Democracy Slowly Disappears.


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This is a very good article....


Issues like guns, abortion, voting rights, gender issues, race, education policies and a host of others divide us. Where once we were willing to participate in reasonable conversations and come up with compromise solutions, whoever disagrees with us now is an enemy, not just on that one position but on all. The political culture is so toxic that most just withdraw entirely instead of engaging and sticking with it until solutions are found.

Demagogues, who have personal agendas for power, sow seeds of distrust and vitriol towards our government, the media, healthcare, education and our election process. They know, from examples like Hitler, Putin and other autocrats that if you repeat claims frequently and with conviction, you can whip up fears and win increasing numbers into your cult. Allow me to pause here. Some have taken offense in my calling Donald Trump the leader of a cult. The Oxford dictionary defines a cult: “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or  thing.” Satisfied? The so-called “silent majority” has implied acceptance to bullying, lies, distrust and our unity.

My Spin: Too many leaders sitting quietly when they should be outraged about Jan. 6 events (msn.com)


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