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A key difference

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I know we have heard ad nauseam about how the Ravens FO blew it by passing on Rex for Harbaugh but its clear these guys have a vastly different coaching style and approach.


After last weeks debacle in Philly, Harbaugh, expressing disappointment over the OLs performance, simply downplays the horrid play (blocking) and simply points to the good plays and offers that we "have to get better". You think, coach ? !


Last night, after the Jets equally lackluster performance, Rex Ryan doesn't mince words and says there are no excuses for his OL's performance (missed assignments, poor blocking). Maybe its a difference in the expression of emotions, but Rex was obviously, openly miffed about his team and is holding them accountable. You get the impression there will be hell to pay and they will get it right in practice - a sense of urgency.


Harbaugh seems or acts content with our teams deplorable performance and simply indicates the team has to get better, work harder. Thats it ? ! I like Harbaugh and believe he is a good man and a good coach but I wonder about his ability and accountability with this players. Maybe its all internal stuff and we, the fans, will never fathom the true coach player relationship until years later.


Still, you have to wonder, over the course of the season, which style is more effective will produce greater results. Time will tell and BTW we host the Jets in early October.

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I am a fan of both coaches.


For the most part I like Rex's bravado and I love how he backs it up with great coaching. He look beatings from the Patriots and the Colts (when he was with us) and brought his team back more focused than ever to pull off some pretty impressive upsets. I think the job he has done with the Jets is incredibly under-appreciated. They were a mess when he got there an he quickly changed the culture and in no time (literally no time) had the team eye level with the most dominant team in the league (the Patriots). Who thought that was possible?


I have thought about whether Rex as head coach would have made the difference in our "little brother" relationship to the Steelers. I don't know the answer to that - it would definitely be interesting to find out.


Having said that, if I could go back in time and make the decision for the Ravens, I would probably still take Harbargh. I think there is a risk factor with Rex...like the whole thing can implode at any time. We obviously don't have that with Harbs.

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