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D Smith, NFLPA

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If you are constipated, digest this, it will losen you up. In this article you will read a carefully crafted load of crap, the author invoking race, sex, and anything else that elicits sympathy from the reader.

It is an unprovoked shot across the bow, nay, a stab in the back of a friend, fitting given we are just days past Julius Cesar being cut down by a friend, long ago.

Smith is faking being an advocate for Lamar, and instead is using him to try and rewrite history, stamp his, Smith's, name in history as "the man" who broke the slave owners known as the owners. What a farce, what a shame. I feel bad for Lamar.



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NFL Free Agency Is a Study in Power and Control




March 16, 2023

The history of control by the owners of professional sports teams – as well as players and their unions fighting back against this – literally dates back more than a hundred years. Our stories are brutal and tell a cruel legacy of power and those who are brave enough to confront it. It is an entirely American story.

The victims of management’s power have been men, women, Black, White, war heroes, fathers, daughters, gold medalists, national champions and Hall of Famers across sport. The pursuit of raw power in sport does not discriminate; anyone and everyone is the target. So when athletes fight back, while the language may be about compensation, the landscape is about whether and to what extent they will be controlled.

Curt Flood, Oscar Robertson, John Mackey and Bill Radovich all shared the traits of bravery and vision in the face of owner power. They also all shared the reality of sacrifice because they never benefited as much as those who followed them.

Within our current sports landscape, this battle over control is most evident when it comes to the significance of free agent signings and the fully guaranteed nature of contracts. First, let’s start with the facts. There is no sports CBA that mandates that free agent contracts be fully guaranteed. Can we be done with that myth once and for all? In leagues where fully guaranteed contracts do thrive, it is because the free agents have leveraged their power and signed them.

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