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Dec. 28th, Past... Meet Present

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Since the beginning of the season I circled this game because it was the 50th anniversary of the Baltimore Colts Championship win. I thought that at least fans could wrap up a 7-9 or maybe 8-8 season on a high note. We'd feel good that the team was on the rebound...maybe get to see our rookie QB play some...perhaps a tune up for next year...and get to share memorable moments with the greats of the past.


Never did I think the Ravens would be playing to clinch a playoff berth. To clintch it at home is a rare thing so soak it up! Ravens fans will go "through the roof" should the Ravens win.


A Ravens win tomorrow night will be a remarkable regular season finish. Past history meeting present history. I can see the party at M&T right now. I know Baltimore fans and the 12th man is going to be "off the charts" with all the electricity that will be in the air.

Call it "Winning football" or "Baltimore Pride" we have both. History and tradition, past and present. Ray Lewis meet Lenny Moore.

For us old guys...Memorial Stadium meet Ravens Stadium. I'm so happy that the tradition continues. I know I will have swirling memories of the 'old days' mixing with the new.


Baltimore fans will have "Their" Hall of Fame players, past and present, on the field tomorrow night.

Lenny, pass the tourch to Ray. :) Old memories meet the new ones.


It should be one hell of a show.

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50 years to the day and Ravens fans have a unique opportunity to see their team celebrate this anniversary by locking up a playoff spot.

How's that for timing!


There are times when I feel the "Ghosts of the Past" at M&T Bank Stadium. That spirit and energy. The 2000 playoff game with Denver was one of them. It comes on like goose bumps.

I think I'll be heading into a time warp tomorrow night. :)

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