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Baltimore Grand Prix

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Looks like a bust to me.


You can't see the city. It looks like they are circling the razor wire at the prison in Jessup.

It's that scenic.

50,000 fans....the inner harbor draws that.


Oh...and boring as hell on TV.

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Anything but. The course has been praised as first class and fantastic. And that's 50,000 PLUS the usual draw to the Inner Harbor (it's probably more than that 50k, anyway).


And open-wheel racing, especially on street courses, is really boring in the first place. Nothing unexpected there.

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Guest BallTMore

I actually went and watched for a while(Didn't have tickets for Grandstands) I'm not a race fan, but I enjoyed what I saw. I going to buy tickets for next year.


I really thought my reaction would be, "neat", but I did find myself getting more amped as the cars started flying by.


And I've never seen my mother more excited for a sporting event. She was like a kid on Christmas. haha.


I knew she liked Indy cars, but I had no idea it was to that extent. I felt bummed that I didn't get tickets sooner. :(

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