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i am so happy we are in the east

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Now that the Big 10 has 4 west coast teams there is going to be huge travel for the teams just west of the middle.  Also it sounds like we have a much better deal from the conference than Oregon or Washington does.  

I think the Pac12 could have made it had they taken Boise St several yrs ago.  They were stupid and greedy and said no.  Now the 4 remaining teams will probably have to join them in the Mountain West.  

I am more than shocked the Big 12 not only survived realignment but expanded and maybe better off without Texas and OU.  

Now the ACC better work quick or be eaten up.  Ive also seen where the ACC will just join the Big10.  If that goes down we get Duke and UNC again.  

All in all the UMD powerbrokers made the right move yrs ago to leave.  If we haddnt we could easily find ourselves outside looking in.

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And you were saying.... This has gotten way out of hand.

The Atlantic Coast conference is for schools on the right coast. Not schools on the left coast.... feel bad for the other sports teams at the schools, cross country trip twice a week? Stupid, Stupidity stupid

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