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People do drive like shit here

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It's not your imagination. The most morons behind the wheel are here and DC.


Second most accident-prone: Baltimore


Estimated population: 637,418.

Average time between accidents: 5.3 years.

Increased chance of an accident: 88.7%.

We can personally attest that Baltimore is a lovely city to visit, but in some ways it's a tough city to make home. The high crime rate landed Maryland on our list of the most crime-ridden states in America, and apparently it's a tough place to drive, too: Drivers there are almost 90% more likely than average to get into an accident. It's no surprise, then, that Maryland is also one of the states with the highest insurance premiums.


The most accident-prone city in America: Washington, D.C.


Estimated population: 599,657.

Average time between accidents: 4.8 years.

Increased chance of an accident: 107.3%.

Just 40 miles south of Baltimore is the undisputed champ of bad drivers: Washington, a city whose very existence is defined by the nightmarish highway surrounding it, the Beltway. The average D.C. resident pays $2,146 in insurance premiums a year, and given that they're more than twice as likely to get in an accident as the average driver, we'd say that's pretty justified.


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