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That was funny. Classic Suggs...and I thought it was respectfull too.


I respect the Steelers comments after the game. They owned up to the butt whoopin'n. It won't happen again. The Ravens will be in for a war...for the Steelers best game when they meet again.

Even big mouth Clark went out of his way to man up.


Now Suggs wants the King hat...that is the biggest statement of them all.

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He just won AFC Defensive Player of the week.


His head will get fatter and fatter but I don't think that will affect his play.

He's focused and on a mission from what I hear him say.



"His ass belongs to who?!?"


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Guest BallTMore
I also thought the players were very realistic and professional after the game. They knew they got their butts kicked, they didn't make excuses. That will definitely make them dangerous opponents in Rd 2 if we don't take them seriously.



Not anymore. Now they're complain about illegal chop blocks! Also whining about trying to run up the score! I've said many things about the Steelers, but I never accused them of being pussies. Now they have that title as well.


I believe the Steelers whipped our ass 38-7 when we had 9th string CBs in the game (Hell, I suited up for a quarter) Guess they don't remember that?


We really got in their head, it's Thursday and they're still talking about us!


Love it!


Whah whah whah




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