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The offensive line


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It is finally healthy, back to the way it should be, one of the best in the NFL.

We caught glimpses over the course of the season thus far, then, they dominated. Sure, it was a Lions team that may or may not be very good, perhaps an average team. But then, isn't that what you are suppose to do, dominate weaker opponents, not play down to them!?

When Lamar has time, the receivers have time to get open, especially with these route combinations, and boom, first downs, big plays.

Will this be every week? Of course not, look at the other top teams, KC, Buffalo, Miami, Philip, etc, they have down weeks.

But this is another step for the line to see what happens when they work together, when they don't commit penalties, when they give Lamar time, a pocket, a way to escape.

Yes, just as the defense needs the front 4 to speed up a quarterbacks timing, as they did with Goff, the Ravens offensive line is the key to this offense, and they have begun.

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