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Potential---And Achieving It


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The one thing that has frustrated me about the Ravens these past 2 seasons is that I think they have a ton of potential on offense that only gets really achieved on an inconsistent basis. That (plus injuries on D), to me, drives me crazy.


I think Joe, at worst, is a very good quarterback and I still think he has the potential to be a great one but he needs consistency from week to week. He was super in the Steelers game and the Rams game and pretty much stunk in the Titans game (as did many other facets of the team). The same with our WRs---no separation against the Titans but they were stupendous yesterday (way to go Torrey!!!) and played well against Pittsburgh.


The Ravens ought to look at the upcoming game against the Jets as a 'statement' game. If they can beat the Jets and play well doing it, it would be a huge confidence booster for this team and would send them into the bye week thinking of Super Bowls. Beating the Jets would be huge.


I hope the Ravens can show consistency from this week to next Sunday's game.


Thats what I'm looking for---an end to the roller coaster ride. :gorave:

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I agree on the consistency issue. If they make the playoffs for the 4th time in a row, then I say it's about time they start stringing some wins together....and Joe needs to play like he's capable of playing. The rest of the players too.

You need a solid, balanced core of very good players to be consistent.

The Ravens have that.


I think the Ravens will have no problem getting up and bringing it to Rex, Broadway Schmo and the Jets on Sunday Night Football.

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