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What is wrong with the State of Maryland


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Today is the biggest day in Md Horse Racing, the Md Million, and is 1 TV Station covering the races? if so I cant find it, not MASN, which is a real shocker because Peter Angelos OWNS RACE HORSES, not 2, 11, 13 or channel 45 is covering them.


They have really ruined a money maker for the State.. Jim McKay has to be doing flips in his grave, this is his creation. this is as big as Preakness Day!!!!


Its disgusting that I have to go to a California State based TV Channel to only view 1 race, when their are 11 races run at Laurel Park today, the reason I cant watch &wager all 11 races?? Md officials want a bigger take of the money wagered at the California based TVG Network.


The racing industry in Maryland needs exposure, slots aren't doing it, officials drug their feet too long, and now its too late..Who in their right fucking minds demands a 22.5 million dollar fee just to file for a permit to get slots? That proposal for a super track slots parlor by M&T is a wonderful idea.



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