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And all of us know it....


The biggest roadblock to the Baltimore Ravens’ path to the Super Bowl isn’t the Pittsburgh Steelers or the New England Patriots,” wrote ESPN’s Jamison Hensley. “It’s the Ravens’ offense. In Baltimore, it’s always been the offense.

“The coordinators (from Matt Cavanaugh to Jim Fassel to Brian Billick himself) and quarterbacks (from Trent Dilfer to Kyle Boller) change, but the struggles on offense remain the same. …Ray Lewis and this defense have been good enough over the past decade to get back to the Super Bowl, and probably multiple ones.”



and some more reality...


One of the Ravens’ goals this season is to earn a home playoff game, but with Monday’s 12-9 loss, the team now finds itself a half-game behind the Pittsburgh Steelers. If the Ravens don’t find a way to snatch the top spot back, that possibility will wither away.


“The Ravens should have learned their lesson last year, when a Week 2 loss in Cincinnati helped tip a divisional tiebreaker in Pittsburgh’s favor, forcing the Ravens to open the playoffs on the road in the wild-card round,” wrote SI.com’s Chris Burke.


Baltimore has now left the door open for a similar fate this season.


“If we don’t get the first-round bye, it’s our own fault,” said Suggs.


This is the kind of dark stuff that comes from a performance like last night. A lot of soul searching is going on in that team and coaching staff.

It's not going to be as easy as Harbaugh wants it to be this week to go out and get better.

Divisive stuff is brewing. Players are publicly questioning management....


"I don’t really know what the game plan was, but when I have a Pro Bowl running back and I see he is not getting his touches, I’m going to feel a certain type of way about it,” Suggs said in the NFL Network video below. “He’s a good guy. He wants the ball and I think we should feed him. Ray Rice is a phenomenal player and you have to use your phenomenal players. On offense [Jacksonville] kept it simple – they ran the ball,” Suggs told CSNBaltimore.com. “I believe Jones-Drew had 30 carries and I believe his backup had 10, maybe 15 carries. But it baffles me that Ray Rice only had [eight] carries. This is a Pro Bowl running back we’re talking about. They fed their horse and he toted the ball. So we got to feed our horse.”


Do the Ravens grow from this or implode?

I think it's a very serious point in the franchises history.

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