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Pacman Released; Shooting?


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IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones released controversial cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones after one season in Dallas on Wednesday, with a team source explaining to ESPN'S Ed Werder the move was made after the team became aware of new allegations.


Jones might have been involved in violent crime while a member of the Tennessee Titans. The Cowboys claim that information was not included in the original report from NFL Security upon its investigation of Jones before the Cowboys acquired him, the source told Werder.


Jones's release came after "Outside the Lines" reporter John Barr contacted the NFL, the Cowboys and Jones' attorneys about a piece scheduled to air Sunday in which three Atlanta-area men allege that Jones arranged for someone to shoot at them two months after the football player was suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in 2007.

The June 2007 shooting occurred outside a suburban Atlanta strip club. One of the shooting victims told "Outside the Lines" that he had a dispute with Jones inside the strip club and that not long after he and the two others left the club, a hail of bullets struck their car. The NFL knew about that incident, but charges were never brought against anyone because the victims did not see the shooter.


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See instead of just assuming that it's true you have to look at it from both sides. I think these guys who said this could've had a problem with Pac-Man could've been trying to screw him over. Not really a fan of Pac-Man I think he has some talent but, he's made some pretty piss poor mistakes. I like to give people the benefit in the doubt and would like to here more facts before I start jumping on either side of the argument. Pac-Man doesn't strike me as someone inteligent but even some of the least inteligent people could see that doing that is stupid.

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