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Delusional Suh

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This guy is in the ultimate state of denial. His response is like that of a child who thinks he can lie himself out of trouble. I remember doing that once in 3rd or 4th grade but this guy is in his 20's..what is he thinking?


Even the Detroit Fans are turning on him:


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The Lions worked so hard to gain some respect and it's amaxing how 1 guy can wreck that....fast too. The Lions have to stop it. They need to discipline him on top of the leagues discipline to make a statement that they will not tolerate this kind of behavior. The whole organizations public image is at stake and at the moment it's out of control.


He may believe his own lie and need professional help. I don't think this is the end of the story. If left untreated these outbursts will manifest at different points in time in all areas of his life. People like this need help or they will continue to hurt themselves and others....and it could escalate.


Just a guess, but we've all heard about "the switch". Players work themselves up to a "controled rage" gameday but turn it off after the game. They are able to do that as professionals. They can differentiate between this being a game and reality. They can play within the rules with an intense fire and passion.

Some can't. I think Suh is one of those who can't and maybe he shouldn't be playing this game at all.


The Lions need to get this guy help. He needs evaluation and treatment.

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