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Busing to the Game?


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Sunday after the stlrs game ended, stubhub tickets were coming off the board like crazy.


My buddy emailed and said upper nosebleeds for 220-250 before the game was over.


So we said ok, lets get like 4 tickets, and we'll find 2 more people to go. So i was looking around the different sections, scoping out prices, and when i hit refresh, like half of those tickets were gone, and a minute later, same story.


So i went ahead and got some 5 yard line (Ravens side) nosebleeds, row K for 300 each, and that was the best deal, so i could only get two.


I know my buddy hollered Hunt Valley motor coach round trip for $75, and I saw those buses in Nashville, so I would imagine they are doing something. We ended up going thru someone else for bus(not sure who), but it was like $79, and leaves from from Carney/Parkville, which is closer to my buddy's house.


The buses tailgate too, and you can bring a carry on cooler, or bring a big one, and store it underneath the bus.


I'll try to find out the name of the bus line we are taking, and post it up.



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