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Joe was joking...or not?


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I hear he was smiling when he said this...


Ravens Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron had some fun with his quarterback’s comments from Wednesday.



When asked about the offense’s second-half problems against the Cleveland Browns last Saturday, Flacco playfully jabbed at the media for complaining when the Ravens throw the ball too much while trailing, but not speaking up when “we, honestly, played conservative.”


“I wish you guys would help me out and start complaining that we played too conservative so it would put pressure on our coaches to not do that,” Flacco said.


Cameron was asked about it at his press conference Thursday.


“No. 1, I’m not going to listen to anything you guys say,” Cameron said with a chuckle, drawing laughter from reporters. “But I will listen to what Joe has to say.


“I thought about going and telling Joe, ‘Those words are hurtful. I’m not coming to the pancake social.’”


Clearly joking, Cameron was referring to the Geico television commercial with the caveman and Washington Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo.




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Who knows if he was joking or not, unless you were at the event..The local media whores are running with this one, all day yesterday they talked about firing Cam, Lets wait til after we raise the Lombardi..


Speaking of Lombardis, did you hear who is presenting the Lombardi?


Ray Barry.....Now what the fuck does he have to do with Indy?

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