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Best QB performance of 2011 goes to....


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Matt Flynn???!


Never heard of the guy.


This is unbelievable....with all the incredible QB performances this year, he sets the Packer single game record with 480 yards passing and 6 TD's!!!

Better than Favre.

Better than Rodgers.


And guess what?

He's a Free Agent at the end of this season.


This Dude will cash in big.

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Guest BallTMore

Flynn also played very well last season when he hadto step in for Rogers against New England.


Just shows how good the Packers system really is. They constantly have wr's running wide open

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The Brinks truck will arrive



Imagine if the Packers had not clinched home-field throughout the playoffs last week and had to play quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the final game like the Patriots had to in order to secure the No. 1 seed. Thirty-one NFL general managers and head coaches would have never seen the unbelievable performance by Matt Flynn. Flynn, who will be a free agent this offseason, came into the game with one career start on the road in New England. His game tapes for his four years included 55 completions and 88 pass attempts. There were rumors around the league that a few teams were looking at him when he hit free agency. After Sunday's 480-yard passing day with six touchdowns, however, his whole world changed.


Flynn arguably has become more valuable than Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. He's only going to cost money and the team that secures his services will still have its first-round pick to get another player. I don't know which team will get him, but I do know the Packers can't afford to franchise tag him. The contracts Matt Schaub signed when he was traded from Atlanta to Houston or the deal Kevin Kolb signed in the trade from Philadelphia to Arizona will be no more than a starting point for Flynn's services. As one GM said to me Sunday night, "Flynn more than answered the problem Matt Barkley caused by staying in school."



My bet....Snyder empties his pockets and Flynn becomes the highest paid QB in the NFL. He's begun tampering as I type.

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