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Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia

Height: 6-6. Weight: 346.

Projected 40 Time: 5.28.

Arm: 35 1/8. Hand: 10.

Projected Round (2012): 1-2.

1/16/12: In many games this regular season, Glenn was dominant. He has the power, quick feet and long arms to make him a balanced blocker. Glenn had no problem opening holes in the ground game, and generally was a good pass protector.


In the first contest of the year, the senior had a disaster of a game. Boise State's Shea McClellin and the rest of the Broncos defensive line had their way with Glenn as he allowed multiple hits on the quarterback. Glenn gave up a few sacks, plus he was flagged multiple times.


Glenn battled against South Carolina, Florida and LSU. He got beat on some plays and also had a good share of wins. In the NFL, Glenn would be best as a guard in a power-man blocking scheme.


Kelechi Osemele, OT/G, Iowa State

Height: 6-5. Weight: 333.

Projected 40 Time: 5.36.

Arm: 35 1/4. Hand: 10 3/8.

Projected Round (2012): 2.

1/16/12: Osemele put together an excellent season. Iowa State had him at left tackle, and he played well there. Osemele is a very good athlete for his size with the ability to slide and mirror pass rushers. He has long arms, quick feet and carries his weight well. Matching up against Oklahoma's Frank Alexander, Osmele held him without a sack. He has the power to run defenders over in the ground game. While Osmele could play right tackle in the NFL, his best fit could be inside at guard.


Kevin Zeitler, G, Wisconsin

Height: 6-4. Weight: 315.

Projected 40 Time: 5.21.

Arm: 32 1/2. Hand: 10 1/8.

Projected Round (2012): 2.

1/16/12: Zeitler did a fabulous job paving the way for running back Montee Ball this year. Zeitler is strong at the point of attack and has no issues blasting open running lanes. He has more mobility and athletic ability than one might think. Zeitler does a good job of hitting blocks on the second level and in the open field on screen passes. He also did an excellent job in pass protection for quarterback Russell Wilson.


Zeitler really helped his stock with a strong season. He played very well against Penn State's Devon Still, and had an evenly-matched battle with Michigan State's Jerel Worthy in the Big Ten Championship Game. Zeitler and center Peter Konz were the two lead linemen that the Badgers ran behind as they averaged 235.7 yards per game on the ground.


Ryan Miller, G, Colorado

Height: 6-8. Weight: 310.

Projected 40 Time: 5.25.

Projected Round (2012): 2-3.

1/16/12: Miller had a strong senior season with some impressive games. He showed the ability to be a forceful run blocker. Miller is a very good athlete and has excellent quickness to fire out of his stance to get to the second level. He anchors well in the pass rush and has the mobility to slide with defenders. Miller has the skill set to get some consideration at right tackle. He had an impressive game against Washington.



Lucas Nix, G/OT, Pittsburgh

Height: 6-6. Weight: 310.

Projected 40 Time: 5.19.

Projected Round (2012): 3-4.

1/16/12: Nix was moved to left tackle and played well this season, but the senior also missed multiple games with injuries. He should move back inside for the next level. Nix has good power and moves pretty well for his size, but he probably does not have the athleticism necessary to be a tackle at the NFL.


Brandon Washington*, G, Miami

Height: 6-4. Weight: 320.

Projected 40 Time: 5.21.

Projected Round (2012): 3-4.

1/16/12: After being a 2010 All-ACC pick at guard, Miami moved Washington to left tackle after Seantrel Henderson was injured. Washington had a mixed season at left tackle. He did a quality job of run blocking for Hurricanes running back Lamar Miller. Washington has a nice combination of power and mobility, but belongs on the inside.


Head coach Al Golden was openly critical of Washington after he struggled against North Carolina and defensive end Quinton Coples. Washington took offense at his coach's criticism, but remained the starter at left tackle. He has some talent, and his situation at Miami led him to entering the draft. In the NFL, Washington definitely has to move back inside.


TexasTech_logo.gif Lonnie Edwards, G, Texas Tech

Height: 6-4. Weight: 322.

Projected 40 Time: 5.16.

Projected Round (2012): 3-4.

1/16/12: Edwards did a very good job this season and showed a lot of improvements. He is a physical run blocker and a quality pass blocker. Edwards has the power to push defensive linemen around and open up holes on the ground. Texas Tech put up some big point totals, and he had a strong senior season.



Joel Foreman, G, Michigan State

Height: 6-4. Weight: 310.

Projected 40 Time: 5.30.

Projected Round (2012): 4-5.

1/16/12: Foreman was solid, yet unspectacular for Michigan State this season. He is a quality run blocker and pass blocker. Foreman has good technique and is well-rounded, but does not look like he has special physical tools.



Will Blackwell, G/C, LSU

Height: 6-4. Weight: 314.

Projected 40 Time: 5.03.

Arm: 33 3/4. Hand: 10 1/2.

Projected Round (2012): 4-5.

1/16/12: Blackwell had a strong senior season opening up holes on the ground for LSU. He also was a good pass protector for his quarterbacks. Blackwell was LSU's starter at right guard for the 2010 season. For the next level, he needs to add power. Blackwell has some developmental potential and should get cross-trained at center. He was a first-team All-SEC selection this year.


Adam Gettis, G/C, Iowa

Height: 6-4. Weight: 280.

Projected 40 Time: 5.05.

Projected Round (2012): 4-6.

1/16/12: This year, Gettis was a second-team all Big Ten selection and did a good job of opening up running holes. Running back Marcus Coker had an excellent season running behind him. Gettis is athletic and quick, but he is too light for the NFL. Gettis needs to add weight and may have to move to center if he can't add a significant amount of weight.


Jaymes Brooks, G, Virginia Tech

Height: 6-2. Weight: 307.

Projected 40 Time: 5.14.

Projected Round (2012): 4-6.

1/16/12: Brooks and the Virginia Tech offensive line did a good job of opening up holes for running back David Wilson. The Hokies averaged 187 yards per game on the ground this year. Brooks could use a little more power in his game, but he improved his stock this season.


Stephen Good, G, Oklahoma

Height: 6-6. Weight: 299.

Projected 40 Time: 5.09.

Projected Round (2012): 5-6.

1/16/12: Good and the Oklahoma offensive line had a strong season. They did a good job in pass protection for quarterback Landry Jones and in opening up holes on the ground for running back Dominique Whaley, before he went down with an injury. Good missed the game against Kansas. He should add some power to be a better run blocker in the NFL.


Art Forst, G/OT, Rutgers

Height: 6-8. Weight: 310.

Projected 40 Time: 5.30.

Projected Round (2012): 5-6.

1/16/12: Forst did not play the first two games of the season, but returned to start the last seven games for Rutgers. He played well for the Crimson Knights as a run and pass blocker. Forst is a sleeper prospect with some potential to turn into a contributor at the next level.

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This might be a year where we look for a guard on the second day... a lot of these guys are good-but-not-great prospects... even the top guys like Glenn got beat from time to time at the college level... no can't-miss prospect like Grubbs was when he came out... but a lot of guys we can "coach up" like we did with Yanda.


I think I'd like to see us go MLB/rush LB/DE day one and two, then safety/guard/center on days two and three.

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Amini Silatolu, OG, Midwestern State

6'3 - 320 lbs

Pass blocking: Not likely to stay at left tackle in the NFL, but shows better lateral agility than expected for his short, stocky build. Quick enough to help left guard with a punch on the tackle after the snap, yet make it outside to stop the end from reaching the pocket. Resets hands after initial contact to maintain distance, also extends his arms at the end of plays to finish. Anchors well against most defenders with low center of gravity and natural bend. Owns a strong punch that will knock rushers off their route. Takes ends around the pocket and blocks off inside lane against most tackles or twisting ends; NFL defenders will have the edge in quickness in those situations, however.

Run blocking: By no means a gentle giant, attacks defenders in the run game and will finish blocks. Plays with violent hands at the point of attack. Crashes down the edge, will take multiple defenders to the ground. Overextends trying to sustain or dominate blocks instead of simply walling off quicker defenders. Will let up on blocks on occasion when he thinks the play is away.

Pulling/trapping: Hustle and agility allow coaches to use him in front of bubble screens despite his thick, compact build and average long speed. Nimble and quick enough to trap inside or even pull around to the strong-side of the formation from his left tackle spot. Flattens small-college linebackers at the second level when coming straight-on. Flashes some flexibility to get a hand up against oncoming inside defenders, but must show he can make that block against speed of the pro game.

Initial Quickness: Rarely challenged off the snap by Division II defenders on run or pass plays, must ramp it up against NFL-caliber quickness. Gets into move blocks very quickly for his size. Lines up mostly in two-point stance at tackle, needs to show he can get into and out of his stance effectively inside with his hand on the ground.

Downfield: Size and a lack of long foot speed will limit his range, but his effort to help out running backs in the second level (and beyond) is impressive. Can hit multiple defenders if following or leading his back down the field, plays with the tenacity to push piles downfield for extra yardage.

Intangibles: Possesses on-field nastiness and hustle to help teammates, NFL coaches will get even more out of him. Scouts will have major questions about his level of competition, as well as his football and general intelligence, after he played two years at junior college and two years in Division II.


draft scout 2-3rd

Walter 2-3

Draft bible 5th




Senio Kelemete

6'4'', 301 pounds Washington



POSITIVES: Versatile player who has started at a high level outside and inside for Washington. Good initial quickness to seal defenders from the action. Powerful hands which he uses well to get an initial jolt to the defender. Flashes some nastiness to his play and seems to enjoy the physicality of the trenches. Isn't satisfied with just blocking one man; will peel back and look for defenders pursuing from the backside, as well. Good lateral agility and balance to mirror the defender when protected, though he does not have the length or agility to remain at left tackle against NFL speed. Possesses light feet and the ability to get out and block at the second level. Was occasionally asked to pull from left tackle and serve as Chris Polk's lead blocker, showing very good agility and physicality when meeting linebackers in the hole. Two-time team captain.

NEGATIVES: While light on his feet for a guard prospect, Kelemete does not possess the range or size to remain outside against NFL speed. Has to do a better job of keeping his eyes up and feet moving on contact as he'll lose defenders too often when in position to control them by supplying a strong initial punch but failing to remain in control when doing so. Possesses good strength in his upper body but needs to continue to improve his core strength. Better suited to a zone blocking system due to his athleticism rather than simply driving defenders off the ball at this time.



draft scout 3rd

draft 101 3rd

new nfl draft 3rd



Desmond Wynn


6'5 - 305 lbs


"A tall, good looking offensive line prospect with a broad set of shoulders, long arms and natural thickness through his lower half. Exhibits good initial quickness out of his stance vs. the pass game. He plays in a lot of spread looks and will come out of a two-point stance in the pass game.


He sits a bit high, but keeps his base under him and is quick to reach gaps off his frame, drop his base and extend his arms. Does a nice job gaining inside leverage with his hands, using his length well to get into blockers, keep his frame clean and exhibit natural shuffle-and-slide ability.


Maintains good balance with his footwork laterally, sticks well through contact and exhibits good mirror ability. He's a solid athlete for his size, exhibits some smooth change of direction skills in space, though he doesn't have a great burst, but stays compact and keeps his feet under him and doesn't waste much motion.


He has a tendency to get a bit upright through contact and at times can be tossed to the ground through contact, but it's typically once the QB flees from the pocket and he loses an angle.


Coils up well into his stance in the run game, keeps his back flat and his base just under his pad level. However, he doesn't look overly explosive off the snap, tending to get a bit upright into contact and he isn't a guy who can fire off the ball low, gain leverage and drive defenders consistently off the ball.


However, he extends his long arms well, can get under the chest plate of defenders and stays balanced through contact. Does a great job working his legs and turning defenders from the football while staying engaged.


Has a little pop through contact when engaged and can create an initial push in-line, but is at his best when sticking to blocks and simply using his short area quickness/body control to seal defenders away from the football.


Exhibits average range when asked to pull and get out to the second level and does only an average job sealing on contact.


Suffered a knee injury in the spring of 2010 and has had head and shoulder problems in the past. His medical history could be a concern.


Impression: A big, coordinated guard prospect who holds up well in the pass game and can seal inside vs. the run. If he checks out medically has the skill set to fight for playing time in years 2 or 3."


"Big-framed with a thick trunk, long arms and big hands, Wynn has good functional strength and does not allow much penetration.


Sinks his weight to hold his ground and consistently wins in short area.


Good hand placement — latches on and controls defenders.


Not an explosive puller and struggles adjusting to moving targets.


Average competitiveness and could stand to improve finishing ability.


Is not flashy or overpowering, and needs to fill out, but is effective and should start sooner rather than later.


Durability could hurt his draft value."



draft scout 6th

dradt 101 7th

draftek 7th

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Brandon Brooks Miami (OH)

6’5″ 346 pounds

Strengths: Possesses a physically imposing frame with broad shoulders and a wide base ? big body with a strong, thickly built frame. Has good natural strength and raw power with the ability to be a mauler in the run game. Plays with a firm base with a stout anchor, holding his ground at the point of attack. Keeps his pad level low and flashes consistent leverage. Stays balanced and patient in his stance. Has overpowering upper body strength to overwhelm and eliminate defenders from the play ? jolts with his hands and shows a strong initial push. Quick off the snap and moves well for his size. Offers versatility with experience at left tackle and both guard spots. Has very good starting experience as a four-year starter (42 career starts) and was honored as a Second Team All-MAC performer three-years in a row (2009-11).

Weaknesses: Has some bad weight on his frame and has added over 60 pounds since he enrolled at Miami (OH) ? something that needs to be monitored. Carries a lot of weight and it shows at times, looking sluggish with heavy feet when trying to cover a lot of ground. Doesn?t have great range and wasn?t asked to do a lot of pulling for the Redhawks. Doesn?t always explode off the snap. Heavy-handed in pass protection with a bad habit of grabbing, which attracts holding penalties. Will allow his body to rise at times and he is caught too high. Needs to improve his awareness and overall vision to pick up extra rushers. Needs to stay disciplined and play smart, cutting down on the penalties and mental lapses. Has an inconsistent mean streak and needs to develop more of a finishing attitude ? too much of a passive blocker for his size.


draft scout 3-4th

Walter 3-4th

draft 101 7th




Antoine McClain


6'5 - 335 lbs


"A massive, long-armed offensive guard prospect who carries a lot of weight through the upper body and isn't nearly as proportional through the base. Isn't the most natural of benders and has the ability to keep his back flat sitting his stance, but struggles to keep his base under him and get much bend at the knees.


Is not nearly as powerful off the ball as an in-line run blocker as his frame would lead you to believe. Struggles to gain leverage and generate much of a pop into contact. Doesn't extend his arms well, allows defenders to get under him and can routinely be overpowered into the backfield.


Uses his length and strong hands to stick through contact and can be tough to disengage from, but is not a real consistent in-line guy. Looks heavy footed on the move, doesn't have much range puling from the backside and struggles to reach targets at the second level.


Lacks ideal quickness off the snap in the pass game, gets upright, but to his credit does a nice job extending his arms into contact. However, he struggles to engage into contact and keep his base under him Doubles over at the waist, will lunge into blocks and can easily be sidestepped.


When he does get his hands on you, he has a tendency to get overextend with his lower half and isn't a real fluid shuffle and slide player. Looks heavy footed, lacks much range and isn't real fluid in the hips.


Isn't going to be able to mirror in space in the NFL and will struggle through contact as well. Was replaced in the line-up at times through the course of the game by swing interior lineman Mason Cloy.


Impression: He's a big kid, but doesn't look much more than a size free agent at this stage."

"Pro-strong with outstanding size, McClain looks the part with a big bone structure, long arms a sturdy base to thwart a charge.


Capable of bulldozing and burying — covers up defenders and opens running lanes.


Limited foot athlete with tight hips and rigid movement — labors to shuffle and handle counters.


Is top-heavy, bends at the waist and spends too much time on the ground.


Negates his power when he rises off the snap.


Strength-reliant short-area mauler who will require patience grasping complex concepts."

"Mauling interior offensive lineman with next-level size and strength; has strong hands and a solid punch; also has some straight-ahead quickness, but isn’t a particularly good athlete;


Has heavy feet without much in the way of lateral agility; wide-body who is a long way around to get to the QB, but again doesn’t move his feet all that well; also has to work to keep weight in check."




Walter 5-7

draft scout 7th

football nation 5-6th




James Brown, Troy

6'3 - 306 lbs


Brown received attention from several SEC programs out of high school, but went the JUCO route enrolling at Southwest Mississippi Community College. After redshirting in 2007, he earned Second Team All-Mississippi Junior College performer in 2008 and was considered a three-star JUCO prospect, choosing to enroll at Troy. Brown earned a starting spot in 2009 as a sophomore and started every game at left tackle (13 starts). He started all 12 games at left tackle in 2010 as a junior, earning Second Team All-Sun Belt honors. Brown returned in 2011 as a senior and again started all 12 contests at left tackle, earning First Team All-Sun Belt honors.

Brown has a versatile skills set to line up at tackle or guard at the next level and there is a lot to love about his passionate football attitude if he can stay disciplined -- credits football with saving his life after growing up around crime. He has worked hard to lose bad weight (over 50 pounds), but needs to fill out his frame with positive pounds and get stronger for the next level.

Brown needs to work on his technique/footwork in order to stay coordinated through contact, but he has a high ceiling and bright football future if he puts in the time to reach his full potential -- developmental prospect with obvious upside who needs some work before he's thrown into NFL action, but the length, foot quickness and tools are there for him to be a full-time starter at the pro level.


Strengths: A lengthy athlete with naturally long arms (33 1/2 inches). Quick-footed with smooth movement skills to cover a large area. Rangy with above average lateral ability. Bursts off the snap and sets up quickly with little wasted motion. Has a strong upper body with physical, powerful hands and works hard to gain body positioning in the run game. Finishes and doesn't quit until the whistle blows, giving full effort and leaving it all on the field. A hard working competitor with a positive attitude and leadership traits that coaches admire. Has good playing experience, starting every game the past three seasons at left tackle for the Trojans (37 career starts). A versatile player with the skill-set to play either tackle or guard at the next level.

Weaknesses: Has only average height with a narrow base out of his stance. Needs to get stronger in his base to anchor at the point of attack and his weight needs to be monitored -- lost nearly 50 pounds since he enrolled at Troy. Very raw with his upper and lower body technique, playing with inconsistent hand placement -- fails to sustain blocks as long as he should. Not a natural knee bender and gets too upright. Needs to play with better leverage and stay balanced through contact. Needs to keep his emotions under control and play disciplined to avoid penalties. Doesn't have a natural mean streak and comes off as a quiet, reserved individual. Doesn't currently have the weight or girth to hold up at guard and could be regarded as a tackle/guard tweener without a natural position.


draft scout 3rd

draft 101 5th

nfl futures 3-4th




Joe Looney, G, Wake Forest

6-3 309

Strengths: Tremendous power, especially in hands - superior punch. Gets hands on defenders and jolts/moves/pancakes. Can fire off the snap and drive defenders off the LOS. Light on feet, agile, can get to second level and block moving targets. Durable, productive, smart, enthusiastic, experienced team leader - top intangibles.

Weaknesses: Top heavy, and as a result doesn't bend really well, and struggles changing directions and stopping double moves. High natural set in pass protection can be exploited by short, quick DTs. Was effective, even dominant, in college by relying on just his powerful hands a lot, and may not be able to get away with that in the NFL.


Walters 4-6

draft scout 7th-UDFA

draft 101 5th



Rishaw Johnson

California (PA)

6'4 - 308 lbs

Pass Blocking: Rishaw Johnson has some natural strength with a strong punch and heavy, sticky hands through contact. He’ss protection.

Run Blocking: Johnson is clearly more comfortable in the run game. He is strong and is an above-average move player. He wins off the snap with a good first step and can overpower defenders. He will have to work on his pad level in the NFL as he loses leverage battles. He has a tendency to drop his head and whiff on blocks.

Bottom Line: Rishaw Johnson is a work in progress with some upside. He was dismissed from Ole Miss for violating team rules and isn’t noted to be the hardest of workers. He has a lot to prove but could be worth the risk.


nfl future 4-5th

draft scout 5-6th

draft 101 6th

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