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MGD 1 Second Ads


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Just saw the big black guy (delivery guy in commercials) from the Miller Genuine Draft commercials on Conan or something last night and he was talking about how they don't need 3 million dollars for a 30 second spot... they just need one second.


So they revealed his official 1 second commercial and then many of the 'outtakes' of it...


The guy himself is actually really funny and the commercials were too... just because it's only a second. I always used to joke with friends that this is the only kind of advertising you need to do... Who needs 'catchy' when you can just be like "PEPSI. YUM!"


It's him standing in front of a big display of MGD with a big Miller sign behind it... and he yells HIGH LIFE! ... end.




Favorites of the "didnt make the cut" ...




"CHAM-PAG-NEE of Beers"


"Bonjour, Milwaukee!!"




I also liked the guy (Wendell, i think) talking about how his mom and grandmom still call him and go "You were on with 3 minutes left in the first quarter, 2 times in the second quarter, none in the third quarter i dont know why... and then lots in the fourth"

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