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Steve's not worried


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Steve Bisciotti isn’t concerned about whether his team will maintain its defensive identity once they retire.

“I saw Ed sit out the first six games in 2010 and we went 12-4. Then I saw Ray Lewis go down for four games last year and we went 12-4 and 4-0 in those specific games,” Bisciotti said at the NFL owners meetings.


“So no, I don’t [have concern].”

Baltimore’s defense still has plenty oftalent with likes of McClain and Defensive Player of the Year Terrell Suggs at linebacker, massive Haloti Ngata and Terrence Cody on the line and a secondary with young, emerging cornerbacks Lardarius Webb, Cary Williams and Jimmy Smith.


They have continually drafted well on defense, restoring it with youth surrounding Lewis and Reed.


“I think that we are built to survive anything,” Bisciotti said.


“When those guys are out, we still play great defense. When they retire, the Ravens will still passionately defend our defensive philosophy of being aggressive and being one of the best. And we’ll draft and we’ll sign accordingly.”



And....the rest of the league won't have to worry anymore either Steve.



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