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2012 Raven visists

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In the spirit of papasmurf's threads on various positions, I figured a similar thread but based on reported visits to the Raven's headquarter.


Aaron Wilson reports


Ravens bring in DBs Josh Robinson, Phillip Thomas, Ron Brooks and Buddy Jackson for visit


Josh Robinson's 40 yard dash



Josh Robinson vs Georgia (Liberty Bowl, 2010 season)


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Robinson and Brooks look decent but I am in no way blown away by either of them. I assume Robinson would be primarily a returner and 4th CB at best; he does have crazy speed but he doesn't look very physical. If he slipped to the 3rd I would consider taking a chance on him.

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I don't see them drafting an OC or OG that can't also play OT in the first round. The value just isn't there, particulary not when they are zone blocking.


Think about it, Grubbs was a 1st round pick, a starter for most of his time here and they still let him walk away after his rookie contract.


In the first round, they are either going to draft someone with special physical skills (like Ngata) or off the charts intangibles (Lewis). I just don't see either with Konz.

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I don't like what I see of Stephen Hill. Don't get me wrong, the size, speed, and body control is tempting. However he does not go up for the ball at its highest point, he body catches, and in those highlight videos he had some painful drops. I am not saying Hill won't be a good player, but I think a guy like AJ Jenkins has just as much of a chance to have an immediate impact. Jenkins reminds me a lot of Jeremy Maclin coming out of college. Similar playing styles. This draft is deep in receiver, very deep. No reason to take Hill in the first when there might be a guy in the third that has just as much of a chance to succeed.

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