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Ravens Insider: Could McCoy's new extension be a template for Rice deal?


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The market is set.

Those are the numbers the Ravens have to meet to sign Rice....$21 mil SB.


Look aty it this way...he'll get 7.7 mil guaranteed this season with the tag. More than $7.7 next year if they tag him again....only they'll have a very unhappy player. That's around $18 mil over 2 years.

Pay him a $21 mil SB and you have a happy RB. Cross your fingers and hope he's durable and productive for 4 years.


If the Ravens Brass has any Super Bowl hopes then they have to sign Rice. The offense goes through him and he makes it go.


Odds are he'll have a great year this season and then start that long backward production ride most RB's with his mileage take. They can be 'good'...'servicable'...but never great as before.

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