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Is Haloti Ngata best Baltimore Raven? NFL players think so


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NFL Network is down to the Top 10 of The Top 100 Players of 2012, a 10-part series determined by the votes of active players (more on that later).

First ask yourself which player on the Baltimore Ravens' roster do you hold in the highest regard? Ray Lewis? Ed Reed? Terrell Suggs, the 2011 defensive player of the year? Ray Rice?

According to the league's players, the answer is E) none of the above.


Players 11 through 20 were revealed Wednesday night, and Baltimore DL Haloti Ngata was not among them, meaning he's the only Raven to crack the Top 10.

For those who follow the NFL, it's not a shock, particularly with the odometer running and wear mounting on Lewis and Reed. But Ngata has become a dominant force in his own right, and his ability to command multiple blockers helps fuel the success of his more high-profile teammates. The rankings of Suggs (No. 11), Reed (16) and Lewis (20) were announced Wednesday; Rice, Vonta Leach and Joe Flacco were listed outside the Top 20.

Other interesting nuggets: Saints TE Jimmy Graham (No. 14), 49ers DL Justin Smith (17) and Eagles RB LeSean McCoy all made the cut after missing it entirely in 2011.

Here's the list of players ranked 11-20:

  • 11. Terrell Suggs, OLB, Ravens
  • 12. Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jaguars
  • 13. Jared Allen, DE, Vikings
  • 14. Jimmy Graham, TE, Saints
  • 15. Andre Johnson, WR, Texans
  • 16. Ed Reed, FS, Ravens
  • 17. Justin Smith, DL, 49ers
  • 18. LeSean McCoy, RB, Eagles
  • 19. Troy Polamalu, SS, Steelers
  • 20. Ray Lewis, ILB, Ravens


Why is this a question?

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Hard to disagree with that. I'd like to see what this defense can do with a healthy Ngata late in the year. It seems like the guy always has to play through injury late in the year dramatically reducing his effectiveness. I'd like to see him with a pep in his step late in the season.

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I dont get what they are trying to prove by not wearing the pads..Im not impressed.


They think it makes them quicker and more agile. It's like a hiker shedding weight. I don't think it's about proving anything. In any professional game, inches and details make all the difference.

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I was listening to Vinnie and Rob at lunch today on the Fan and they said Ngata looked about twenty pounds overweight at camp. I know Ngata was really banged up after this past season and took some time off, but I hope he is ready to go this season. Ngata's play really tailed off toward the end of the year.

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