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One Winning Drive: Should We Run or Should We Throw?


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Joe Flacco Threw for over 300 yards against the Chiefs

One game in and the debate is already raging. The Ravens won their first fight of the new season, amassed more than 500 yards of total offense, and exploded with four second half touchdowns. And yet a debate rages on.

Did the Ravens throw too much against the Chiefs?

The answer is probably yes. But the question is stupid. (more…)

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People complaining about the Ravens being pass happy after one game are being silly.

What was one of the Chiefs biggest weaknesses yesterday? A weak secondary.

What to do teams do? Target their opponents weaknesses.


I guess I could understand the criticism if the game plan didnt work but it worked very well. People just complain to complain.


I, for one, am happy it appears that unlike other years it appears that the Ravens can have a varied offensive attack.

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During the game when it got really close for a spell I was wondering why we weren't using the running game enough as we were dominating in that area. Once I stopped to think about things for a while I understood.


The Ravens wanted to test Flacco and their passing game. What better time to do it than against a no hope opponent. I'm sure Cam Cameron knew we could run the ball as we have proved last season but he wanted to see just how we would do if we need to pass to win.


Granted there were some good and bad things in the passing game but I'm sure Cam has now figured out what he can and can not use in more meaningful games. Gone are the days of 8 men in the box. Flacco will start burning 8 man fronts regularly. It was great to see other weapons appear outside of Mason with the re-emergence of Heap, Clayton showing some life and dare I say it health and the backs doing a nice job receiving out of the backfield.


If Washington can put up those numbers every game then we got a reliable 3rd WR.


Like Cam said, he wants us to be able to win a game if we need to run or pass 50 times per game depending on the strengths/weaknesses of the opponent.

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