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Tuff Loss Maryland


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I'm really enjoying this team. The D is excellent and for weeks, the offense has hurt my eyes. Yet there was something there I've been enjoying.

This team does not quit. They bring it.


Today in the second half, the offense.....shifted into a strong rushing attack led by QB Burns running the option. They had only run for 90 total yards the last 3 weeks. Today they got about 160 in the second half. Burns looked real good. If there was a problem, it was not being able to get the ball to Diggs.

Then with 30 some seconds left, they brought in red shirt freshman Roe to throw the ball and he quickly led then into field goal range. He was real sharp.

But Craddock missed what would have been the winning kick with 2 seconds left.

Terps lose to NC State 20-18.



Anyway....I'm starting to believe in Edsal. His team certainly does....and they believe in themselves.

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NCST is to good to take an L against UMD. I think GT and BC are the 2 remaining wins on the schedule.


Considering we had a true freshmen and a sophomore at QB I'd say we played a really good game. A missed XP and FG killed us.


Btw Devin Burns is a playmaker and is a perfect fit for this offense. I hope he gets the start next week. Burns was supposedly recruited by a few SEC schools to play QB (had an offer from Georgia) before switching to WR before his senior year. I like this kid a lot.

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