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One Winning Drive: Browns Hardly a Bother, We Think


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Thursday is usually the day where we break down the big match-up or big story of the week. Usually. Honestly, there isn’t one story in the Ravens-Browns game coming up on Sunday worth an entire column. Not one. There’s just nothing too interesting in this match-up, nothing the Browns are about that is worth a few hundred words.

So instead, here are three half-hearted items that the Ravens need to think about heading into Sunday…

1.  Josh Cribbs. The Ravens kick and punt coverage improved in Week 2 against the dangerous Darren Sproles, thanks in large part to great kicks by both Steven Hauschka and Sam Koch. If there is one returner more dangerous than Sproles right now, it’s Cribbs. Sproles nearly broke a few big kick returns and his impact on field position hurt the Ravens defensive effort. The Ravens need to more than match their effort from last week to contain Cribbs.

2. Braylon Edwards. If you want to talk about big, fast receivers, you want to talk about Edwards. Personally, I’m still having nightmares about Vincent Jackson and Chris Chambers, I can’t even handle thinking about Edwards. The only threat the Ravens need to consider when the Browns have the ball is Edwards. If Brady Quinn can put the ball in the air, Edwards has a good shot of bringing it down. Last week Edwards caught six passes for more than 90 yards in a loss.

3. The Big Play. Let’s do the math together. Cribbs plus Edwards equals a dangerous mix and a good possibility of some big plays. We saw in Week 1 how just a pair of big plays can make any game look close. One interception… one big pass… one kick/punt return… A mistake here, a mistake there; it all adds up. The Ravens biggest worry, and our biggest worry as fans, should be the possibility that our defense continues to let up the big play.

The Browns aren’t heavy on talent. They aren’t loaded with heart at the moment either. But it only takes one player and one play to change a game.  The Browns have more than a few individuals that can really make a difference even in the face of a floundering franchise.

But in the end… don’t bet against the Ravens.

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That's about it dc...now for some vmax subplots... :)


This is a great week for the front 7 to get sack healthy. Look at this game as a tune up for the Pats...an excellent opportunity to address the defencies of last week. Brady (Tom) has to be pressured, hit, harrassed and knocked down to have a chance at getting a 'W'.

So...why not begin by pressuring, hitting, harrassing and knocking down Brady Quinn? Afterall, the young lad is getting used to it. Chase him like the chicken in the barnyard.


I agree with what you said on Edwards and the big play. Fortunately there is only 1 of him so the Ravens secondary can focus on shutting down 1 guy because Randy Moss is up next.


The Ravens secondary might practice picking off some balls if the front 7 does their job of harrassment.


The offense can work on pounding the ball. The O line can perfect their road grading tecnique.

Joe can pad some stats...have more time to work with his receivers and develop that chemistry.


All of you probably missed this next one...but not me!

It's the last week of September!

What's next?

October! When all the Cleveland fans interest turns to the upcomming NFL Draft! 6-7 months away!

After this game, their fan base will be discussing who to get with the first pick in the 2010 draft....who should replace Mangini...

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Speaking of big plays.. KC had probably 3 of them and Bolts for sure 2 and if you count Sproles return one more.. So its like 0-6 and still winning thanks to pure dominance in RZ. Would be nice if we could get some of the big plays and continue the dominance in RZ.

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The Browns coaching staff desperately want a victory...I'm telling you...this is their season. Expect a dogfight.


Now...Rob Ryan could be a big fat liar too...


...Right now, stats and everything, we're not worth a crap, but man, I can see it -- we're coming together and I can see it."

"I think we're ready to fight. It's just going to be on." This team's going to put theirs on ours and we'll see who's the toughest team," said Ryan. "I know they've got great, violent players on their defense and I know we've got some tough, violent guys on our defense. I'm looking forward to hearing the big hits and watching some football. Our defensive guys felt they got pushed around by the Ravens a little bit last year, so we're looking forward to a great fight and hopefully a great victory for us."


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