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Funny Thought... Over/Unders


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Ravens have to be KILLING Vegas with over/unders so far this season... in Week 1, the over/under was 34. The Ravens alone scored 38. Maybe that didn't hurt Vegas too bad because no one saw it coming. But in Week 2 the over/under was all the way up to 41 (thanks largely to the Chargers, I bet) and the teams clobbered that too, scoring 57 points combined. That some folks had to see coming.


This week the o/u is a measly 38.5. Now, I don't know if Vegas knows something we don't... or if people just think the Ravens scoring is a fluke... but something tells me the Ravens are going to score 30 again (at least). Now, if we shut out the Browns... all bets are off. But if the Browns can manage at least 6 points (and I bet they'll get that)... I gotta go over.


I can't believe the money is even on either side of that o/u...

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The line is at 38 n a hook because Vegas feels the Ravens will not allow Cleveland to score. Now if we hold the Brownies scoreless, the question will be, will Harbs pull the starters, Say the score is 31 to nothing in the 3rd quarter, if you have the over you need a TD and a field goal..Odds are that if the Browns do score a TD they will go for 2 to bring the score that much closer.


But then on the other hand, if Baltimore has their way you know whats coming, nothing but smashmouth, we may get lucky and get a TD making it 38, but if you bet the over, you lost.


Me personally, I hate betting O/U you get burned all the time by the sides and I could never ever bet under the total,


The million dollar question for Sunday, will the Purple cover the 13 n a hook spread? I think it'll be easy.

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This is a good game for the Ravens to correct some of their problems and tune up for the Patsies.


2. The Browns will score a point in Baltimore.

Um, bust. Can I predict a shutout in an NFL game?


Look, if I wrote, "Cleveland will reach double digits," it would still be a bust.


OK, I understand this isn't quite akin to scheduling a I-AA creampuff to start the season. But for the Ravens, who I think are the best team in football for the minute, it is pretty damn close.


Cleveland has major issues at quarterback, running back and offensive line. Other than that, they match up just great with Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata and Ed Reed. Jamal Lewis is done. Brady Quinn looks really bad.




There are 2 sides to the outcome of this game.


1. The Browns will show up...this game is their season.

They always play the Raverns tough. The Ravens have played 'down' to their level in the past....could be close and sloppy...I know...I know...


2. This is a different, more balanced Ravens team. They'll be focused because of the importance of a divisional game plus there is an offense that scores. This Mangini's 1st shot at Baltimore and his team has not bought in.


This from a writer whom I respect...he lays out the facts in a solid article...



Cleveland is by far the worst team in a division that's getting tougher all the time. For the fans' sake, the Browns will play hard, but it won't be near enough.

Ravens 41

Browns 13



Wow Joe!

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A 13 1/2-point favorite - the largest point spread in Week 3 - the Ravens have to once again prove they don't look past anyone, a revealing trend under coach John Harbaugh. In games in which they have been favored by at least seven points, the Ravens are 4-0 since the start of last season, winning by an average margin of 21.



Let's get healthy on D today.

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Guest BallTMore
This week the o/u is a measly 38.5. Now, I don't know if Vegas knows something we don't.



They know what they're doing. The game went exactly as they thought it would. Exactly.

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