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Mike's impressed

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I think he enjoyed the game....


When the game ended, Ravens offensive linemen Michael Oher and Jah Reid were chest bumping. Quarterback Joe Flacco was walking around with a clenched fist and Coach John Harbaugh was hugging anyone, almost everyone on the field.


And then he went behind the Ravens bench and started celebrating with the 10,000 or so Ravens fans who had taken over Qualcomm Stadium.



Special seasons have defining moments, and the Ravens may have had theirs Sunday when they pulled off a miraculous comeback and defeated the San Diego Chargers, 16-13, in overtime before a crowd of 57,882.

Mark down this date and game, because great moments like these don't happen often. Few teams gain 110 total yards in the first half and gain 333 in the second. Few teams are down by 10 points in the last eight minutes of the game, and then win in overtime.

There just aren't many teams in the history of the NFL that convert on a fourth-and-29 from their own 37 on a short pass in the right flat to a running back who breaks three tackles and gets a first down.


Moments like these take over a season. Everybody starts to believe.

......But you can't question the Ravens' heart or resiliency. You could see it in the eyes of Rice on that magnificent run in the fourth quarter.


You could see it in the mad dash by Torrey Smith after a short catch across the middle that he turned into a 54-yard reception. And the catch Smith made to set up the game winning 38-yard field goal by Justin Tucker — the one where he twirls in the air to snatch a 31-yard pass on a back shoulder throw from Flacco — was sensational.





I don't know about you, but I rank this one "up there" as one of the more incredible wins by the Ravens. It did have that special feel of a team that refused to lose.

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