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One Winning Drive: Division Derby: Week 3


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Baltimore Ravens (3-0): The Ravens rolled against Cleveland, not even a hitch in the giddyup. The Ravens offense also continued to impress - scoring 30 points in three consecutive games is not easy, even if two opponents were a bit weak. More importantly for the Ravens, their defense seemed to find some renewed confidence and swagger. It may have only been the Browns, but the team’s four interceptions are nothing to laugh about. Heading to New England this week, however, you can’t exactly expect the same kind of mistakes from Tom Brady as from Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. Put enough pressure on him, however, and you can never be sure. Next Game: @ New England (2-1)

Cincinnati Bengals (2-1): The Bengals pulled the upset at home as predicted here (and many other places). It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t even cute. For three quarters the Bengals were pretty well handled by the Steelers, and then the Bengals offense showed up and made some plays. But a win is a win, and the Bengals are second in the division. It’s hard to tell what to believe about the Bengals this season. Their defense was still stout against the Steelers, but the Steelers offense has struggled mightily this season. And the Bengals offense only came together at the end. What we do know is that with a re-energized Carson Palmer, they can be trouble. Next Game: @ Cleveland (0-3).

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2): (more…)

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on the Steelers...

It’s not entirely clear if this team is just struggling or if there’s something seriously wrong.


The Ravens and Bengals have become better while the Steelers are fat and old.



I'd like to catch the Steelers now while they are struggling...Nov 29th is a long way away and that gives them time to get better.

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